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How to download via *torrent

First you need to choose and install a torrent client that is a program that allows you to download and distribute files. Once you have selected, downloaded and installed, you can start looking for a material that would like to download.
Remember: the torrent file is downloaded by the browser (Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, etc.), Instead of the download manager (FlashGet, ReGet, Download Master, etc.). If you are a Opera - turn off the built-in BitTorrent client.

Download speed depends on the file:
-by entering your Internet connection speed;
-on the upload speed of peers;
-the amount of oxides;
-by client preferences;
-from other existing programs;
-from hazards provider.

The number of LEDs can be seen in the header of the subject or on the tracker in the column S. In turn, really involved in the distribution of users may be less because:
-User client crash and did not shut down properly by hand. The user will be visible in a while oxides list until Tracker does not delete it automatically for the period of limitation;
-the user has a very weak channel or the client is running as tasks that each task is almost nothing;
-the user set in the client task is paused;
-the user has downloaded from the distribution, not all files.