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What is a woman's beauty?

Popular wisdom says: "Ugly women do not happen." Indeed, especially now, with such a huge choice of cosmetic and plastic surgery. The creature, dubbed the woman can be very, very nice ... Or vice versa, if desired - very unattractive. The choice is up to the woman, as well as accurately and saying: "ugly women do not exist, there is a lot of cosmetics." So what is a beautiful woman? Perhaps it is the woman who has long legs, silky hair, lush breasts and a wasp waist. Or vice versa: pyshechka, rostochkom meter and a half, blonde or brunette? What parameters should have the same woman, so popular with men?

Such questions are asked by the women themselves, men are much simpler. Beautiful woman - it is something more than a perfect face, figure, or full lips. The word "beauty" - a very loose concept, and each in its own perceived what he saw, especially when it comes to man. How often do we hear from men - "my beautiful wife." But the woman, seeing this "beautiful" fall into a swoon, and the man will regard - "indeed it is good." Just tastes of people are too different: one like blondes - lighter with them. Another - the brunette, because they are intelligent. And interest in the figure is different. There are men who prefer thin persons, and there are fans of these forms, "so it was for what to be." Yet, there are common aspects of female beauty, in which the views of the majority of men agree.

So, the very first and most important - confidence. But what kind of confidence? "I'm all she can, I know how"? No, this is not a certainty, because then the question immediately arises in a man, "and I tell you why?". The belief that even if a woman looks is far from ideal, perhaps, plump, or pimple on the nose, but is doing well and has a sense of self-esteem - that's a real confidence. Further, if a woman is confident in the correctness of his actions, it can get out of any difficult situation. He is able to say a firm "no." Here is a woman knows that she is unique and is not afraid of competition even with the top model. This woman feels freedom in action, courage, looseness and has power over men. Its splendor is felt in everything: the look, a smile, manners, movements ... And 'these women men do not miss. " Do men really gentlemen?

The second factor of female beauty - it's charm. Very often ugly and simpleton are far more popular with men than girls from glossy magazine covers. Lovely woman is always the center of attention, it is easy to communicate. But as an American psychotherapist John Weber remarked, "Men do not understand really what the fascination and charm. Some say that it is smiling and communicative, while others - the mystery (although, in fact, what the mystery may be at simpleton - she's straight as a rail). Third - the voice, mannerisms, and the fourth - at all on this subject do not think, they just say, "Well, here it is so special." You can, of course, would argue with the therapist and men, but it is their personal opinion. Most men, when asked about the fact that they are attracted to women, yet more often speak about character traits than on the leg length, the hair color, the subtleties of the waist, etc. The most common qualities attractive to men: self-confidence, neat and tidy, the mind, the ability to listen, the ability to speak (to keep the conversation), a sense of humor. And now, only then talk about:. Hair color, leg length, thin or pomp, etc. So it is partly mistaken after all those girls who have decided to take the appearance, not the mind, although some turns and such.

What, in the first place, do men pay attention to?

Statistics - the concept of austere and iron. First step. It is he who is expected from women by most men. Fear of getting a refusal, as a rule, does not allow a man to make this step first.

Facial features. Expressiveness of the eyes and attractive facial features are the first things that a man pays attention to. Then follows the "monitoring" of the length and beauty of the legs, the female figure as a whole and the mouth-watering roundness. Grooming, neatness, style and the presence of taste - the next "analysis". It is worth noting that there were never any common standards of beauty for everyone. Each man will always find in the woman some special feature (and sometimes even a whole apricot), completely ignoring the statistics, generally accepted standards of beauty and "harmony" with sex symbols. Give Pamela Anderson one to one, and "not a step to the side," and for another, the highest sign of sexuality and beauty will be the female intellect.

Female figure. A beautiful female figure is a relative concept. If you believe, again, statistics, half of the male population of the planet prefers long-legged, tall, slender babes with a lush bust, elastic buttocks and waist, which can be clasped with two calloused hands ("hourglass"). About 5% of men prefer seductive pyshechkam, another 5% choose fragile miniature Thumbelina. The rest consider that the main thing in the female figure is proportionality and harmony with the soul world. Hair. Passion of men to blondes - a myth today. Dictated in due time by beauty of Marilyn Monroe, interest to blondes already for a long time disturbs minds and hearts of men. Nowadays, men, by their majority, pay attention to girls with blond hair. Brown hair is less popular. And burning brunettes and blondes and at all today in last place of the given "hit parade". If we talk about length - long, healthy and shiny hair will never lose its popularity. Tired of the "artificiality" of modern women, men are increasingly striving for naturalness in the chosen ones. Silicone, wigs, tons of cosmetics, tattoos and piercings are more likely to repel than attract a strong half of humanity.

Sex symbols from antiquity to the present day

The power of female beauty is sung in songs, described in verse and prose, is embodied in the canvases of artists. Female beauty intoxicates and deprives reason, it becomes the cause of duels and wars, it is able to destroy and inspire feats.  

The standard of female beauty is variable. Standards of female appearance are for each era, culture and people. Each century left in the history of images of luxurious unforgettable women, on whom they were equalized and worshiped. Cleopatra and Natalia Goncharova, Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren, Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman - they are all charming and beautiful, each for its time.

In the ancient world, the raisins of beautiful ladies for mammoth hunters were wide hips, impressive breasts and huge bellies, that is, "functionality and fertility", which is confirmed by the "masters" of that time in surviving relics. And what there, women will have "soul mirrors", faces and hairstyles - these men are not particularly worried. Many figurines were even created by them without heads, as unnecessary. Egypt. In addition to his mental abilities, his proud temper and talent to manage men, Cleopatra and Nefertiti stayed in history, thanks, of course, to their beauty. An Egyptian standard of beauty was a girl with long straight legs, narrow hips, broad shoulders, a thin long neck and a small chest. The eyes, according to "standards", should have been large, and the lips - full. African tribes and Indians of America. The concepts of beauty are different for everyone. And every people is looking for their own special ways to achieve this beauty. For Saharans, for example, it is peculiar to lengthen the neck (up to 40 cm) with iron hoops, while West Africans put wooden disks on the lips of children, stretching this part of the body to adult life 10 cm ahead. For the ancient, sensational calendar, the Maya tribes considered incredibly beautiful squint, and for the Indians - the man from the animal differed in tattoos. Changing the shape of the skull was relevant for most tribes in Africa and South America, and the Alaskan Indians used discs and chopsticks to stretch their ears to their shoulders. Sex symbols of the last centuries. What is a sex symbol? How to recognize him in the crowd? What a girl with such a title should be different? Sex symbol is a woman, at a glance at which men instantly loosen the knots of ties and forget about their affairs. Sex symbol is an ideal of female beauty, languid look, smooth movement and voice, which confuses thoughts in the male head. Such objects of worship and passion change with the age. If the Middle Ages are characterized by magnificent beauty with forms imprinted on the canvases of Rubens, then in the twentieth century, men were carried away by the boyish figures of models. And what the "evolution" of the standard of female beauty will lead to in another century, no one can foresee.